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Surf & Help is a non-profit organization combining the fun of surfing with supporting social and environmental causes. We run events, surf camps and educational activities that partner, visit and support carefully selected non-profit projects. The profits of these activities are used to support these social and environmental causes. 


Surf & Bike Mallorca


Surf & Bike Mallorca - 02nd-6th of JAN 2015 

This trip will combine exploring the surf in Mallorca, take a look at our carbon footprint, test surfing a wooden surfboard and go on some bike rides.

1. The Search Mallorca: as Mallorca is well placed in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it is exposed to much more swell than other places in the "Med” and it is rather likely that we will have waves during the trip. For reference, the 'Strormrider Guide' shows 7 spots covering almost 360° swell direction.

2. Reduce our carbon footprint: the trip will have a "Reduce our carbon footprint" theme. e.g. we want to use bicycles as much as we can and travel to Mallorca via the ferry. The round trip from Barcelona on our dates starts at 120 EURs including bicycles and surfboards.

“Carbon footprint” bonus special: Due to the support from Proyectosandez, pioneers in hollow wooden surfboard shaping, all participants of the trip will have the possibility to test and surf a wooden board we will bring to Mallorca!! Let’s make sure we don’t miss out on this;)

Some other “carbon footprint” ideas: test how different ways of cooking can reduce the CO2 output and combine this with vey healthy food, reuse/recycling, do a little beach clean-up….

On the island we will stay in an apartment in the Palma region, so it is close to the ferry and close to some of the good south facing surf spots. Once there, we plan to do as much as we can with the bikes or by foot, e.g. plan some bike trips if there are now waves. Biking in this time of the year can be great; we had some nice sunny days during our last winter trips to Mallorca. When we go surfing and want to explore the further parts of the island we will rent a car.

The help factor

  • All trips at Surf & Help are supporting one specific good cause and during this trip we have a "Reduce our carbon footprint" theme.
  • Please see above under "2. Reduce our carbon footprint".

Dates and prices

  • FRI 2nd - TUE 6th of APR 2015. For the group going by ferry: departure Friday 23:00 in Barcelona and return trip leaving Mallorca on Tuesday 12:30 arrival in Barcelona 19:45
  • Surf & Help organization fee: 25€/person this pays for the overall organization of the trip, reservation of accommodation and rental car, etc.
  • Participants still have to pay for: ferry (from 120€ on or flight to Mallorca, shared accommodation with Airbnb flat (estimated to be less than a total of 50€/person for the 3 nights), rental car for 2 days (estimated to be less than 20€/person), local transportation, food, drinks, bike rental, etc.


  • How to get there? We encourage participants from the Barcelona region to travel to Mallorca via the ferry. Of course you can travel via plane to if you prefer. If you have any doubts about how to get here, just contact us.

Book now

  • We are able to take reservations until 20th of DEC.
  • Just use the contact form, email to flo(at) or call at +34645921506.