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Carrer del Comte de Santa Clara 72 2-2
Barcelona, CT, 08003

0034 645 92 15 06

Surf & Help is a non-profit organization combining the fun of surfing with supporting social and environmental causes. We run events, surf camps and educational activities that partner, visit and support carefully selected non-profit projects. The profits of these activities are used to support these social and environmental causes. 

Protocol general assembly Surf & Help (English)


Protocol general assembly Surf & Help (English)

Florian Weimert

Here the summary of our general assembly

Surf and Help
Date: 06/02/2015 - Location: Santa Clara 72 2-2 Comte
Time: 20:00 (1st Call), 20:15 (2nd Call)

Welcome quorum and evaluation

General Assembly is the most powerful organ of amastration of Surf & Help. There are 41 members in the association. Quorum is about 33%, there are 10 present and 3 people invited. First call at 20pm and open call session in February.
Half of the 41 Members do not longer live in Barcelona.

Report of the President

•    Presentation and conclusion of Surf & Help
•    May-June 2014: formulate statutes
•    November 2014: founding act by signing the statutes
•    26/02/2015: Registration of Surf & Help as a Spanish association
•    5 surf camps organized
•    1 Snowboarding-trip
•    Element of social collaboration or environment
•    1 project in Senegal including carrying water filters
•    6 beach clean
•    5 fundraising events: eg. Yoga
•    2 education events
•    Other activities
•    Established minimum of 500 contacs
•    2500 euros of donations
•    Published articles – 30.000 estimated impacts
•    Friends who work remotely in Alemania, Austria, other countries
•    Partnerships created with Street Child, Pick 3 Sierra Leone,, Hotel Arts, Agbar, Catalan, 8 surf camps
•    Website in English, Castilian, Catalan, German
•    Coming soon: more surf-camps
•    Meeting with the Government
•    5-6 fixed planned events. Definitely other events eg. Environmental Route along the beaches
•    13. June Beach Clean Up
•    20. June International Surfing Day - day of our beaches

Report on the financial situation

Profit: 1673 euros

Revenue: 2195 euros – merchandising 25 euros, t-shirts count as donations - the effect of VAT

Standard 12 members and 29 supporting members 20 euros / year

•    1190 euros of donations from the board
•    476 euros donation income surfcamp (barrika, go & surf, surfing is life), Estiber Andorra
•    235 other grants

521 euro of expenses:
•    277 euro quota for MOB
•    53 flyers
•    donation to street child, Surf & Help
•    other expenses such as internet domain

Cash profit distributed, Paypal, Bank Ethics,

In 2014 there are transactions that are not included in the accounts because we were not registered as Spanish association
•    300EUR Waves for Water for water filters
•    Bureh Beach Club
•    Surfrider Morocco
•    Surfrider Europe

Discussion / Questions

•    Do Surf & Help works with everybody (guiding principals)?
•    Participate in events?
•    Volunteer – tasks?
•    Standard Member  
•    Supporting Member - with donation
•    Collaborations eg.
o    Surfboards brand NOTOX
o    Mirko floorboards


Presenting the list of people to the new board and proposed the election of the new board

Aiming the board for next year. Proposal to maintain the same last year
Florian Weimert - President
Dr. Rodulfo Rodriguez - Secretary
Jon Egiluz - Vice President
Joan Ayala - Treasurer

Ad voting result
10 votes, 1 do not vote, 0 votes against, 0 abstentions or invalid votes

perhaps investigate possibilities of expanding fundraising