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Surf & Help is a non-profit organization combining the fun of surfing with supporting social and environmental causes. We run events, surf camps and educational activities that partner, visit and support carefully selected non-profit projects. The profits of these activities are used to support these social and environmental causes. 

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Bureh Beach Surf Club

Get to know Sierra Leone's first and one one-of-a-kind community supporting surf camp, the Bureh Beach Surf Club. Creating jobs for the local village and reinvesting profits into the community.


Bureh Beach Surf Club - Sierra Leone

Location: Bureh Town, Sierra Leone, West Africa. It is a good 1 hour drive from Sierra Leone's capital Freetown to this picturesque beach community.
Website: Facebook page link
Telephone:  +232 78044242
About the camp:  The Bureh Beach Surf Club in Sierra Leone is a unique community supporting and community run organization with the aim to increase tourism in the area by offering surf lessons and board rentals as well as accommodation, food and drinks. 100% of the revenue that is generated goes back into the community, in the form of wages, grants and the purchasing of local goods and services. The surf club already employs 19 local people.
About the accommodation:  Downstairs 6 people room with a private bathroom, upstairs group dorm for 20 peoples with their own separate bathrooms.
Testimonials:  Read hear what people have to say about Bureh Beach in Tripadvisor.
Season: All year round.
More details: The team of Surf & Help visited the Bureh Beach Surf Club the first time in 2012 when the project got launched. Since then we stayed in close contact with the team and visited the camp multiple times and saw the great success of this community supporting business model.
How to get there:

Example surf camp package:

The camp offers a full beach restaurant menu, BBQs, beach hut rental, campsite, tent rental, surfboard rental, snorkeling equipment, surf classes, etc. 

More packages on the Bureh Beach Surf Club website.

The Help Factor

As the camp has a community supporting business model and is community run, 100% of the revenue that is generated goes back into the community, in the form of wages, grants, school fees and the purchasing of local goods and services.

How to make my reservation?

Step 1:  Please send us a message when you plan to visit Bureh.
Step 2: We send you the details of your surf camp package including final price and payment details.
Step 3: You confirm your reservation and send payment.

In case of any questions on the camp, the packages, prices or the help factor, just contact us.