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Surf & Help is a non-profit organization combining the fun of surfing with supporting social and environmental causes. We run events, surf camps and educational activities that partner, visit and support carefully selected non-profit projects. The profits of these activities are used to support these social and environmental causes. 

Un Mar, Muchas Manos

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Cool facts on plastic and the sea

  • Plastic never biodegrades. It breaks in smaller and smaller pieces and transforms into food for fish and more marine life. Often provoques the death of the animals that swallow it, as they cannot digest it.
  • Plastic will not degrade in the sea before 600 years. At the rate society is going, we will be eating our own trash for a long, long time.
  • A cigarette butt can contaminate 500 liters of water.
  • Every year 2.5 billion metric tons of solid waste is created around the world.
  • Within that, 275 billion metric tons is plastic waste.
  • Every year 8 million metric tons of plastic goes into the ocean.
  • Collectively, we use 51 billion plastic bottles every year, and we recycle only 1 in 5.
  • Approximately 260 marine animals eat non-biodegradable materials, as they cannot distinguish the tiny plastic pieces from their natural food.
  • Of all that we throw into the garbage, 80% could be recycled. However, we only recycle less tan 30%.


Six things you can do to contribute to the solution:

  • Say no to single use plastic ítems (bags, bottles, straws, take-away containers, dishes, cups and cutlery)
  • Recycle all the waste you can, and never abandon it on the beach.
  • Pick up the trash you see lying around on the beach, even if it’s not yours.
  • Ask your City Council top ut in place effective anti-littering legislations.
  • Email companies that sistematically sell their products in single-use packaging to ask them to be responsable for the residues they put on the market or to sell their products into a packaging that is environmentally-friendly (biodegradable or returnable).
  • Never abandon cigarette butts on the beach, and never throw them down the drain.
  • Are you a bar on the beach?

    • We have created this campaign specifically for those establishments that operate on the beach during the summer and that feel that they can play an important role in the awareness creation of beach-goers.
    • You can print this poster in A3 format, stick it on a nice piece of Wood, or cardboard, or you can even frame it (¡), so that you can show everyone on the beach that you do care about the health of the sea and the animals that live in it!
    • You can re-considerate the amount and type of plastic objects that you systematically use in your establishment and sell to your clients. Things such as plastic cups, plates, cutlery, straws, bottles, ice cream wrappers, etc. Have you thought about how could you substitute these with other returnable or biodegradable objects? And how could you inspire your clients to reduce their impact? Everything counts and everything matters. Your clients will be so happy that you are behaving responsibly and sustainably.

    Are you a beach-goer?

    • To help your local beach bar or club to be more sustainable and responsible, you can print out this poster on A3 resistant paper, and ask the owner of the bar or club to display somewhere visible. Good job for wanting to take action!!!