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Episode 7: Indocast - Going on a surf trip to Sumbawa

Show Notes

Episode 7: Indocast - Going on a surf trip to Sumbawa

Florian Weimert


Location of recording: Barcelona
Main themes: surf trip to west Sumbawa/Indonesia, planning and reasons to go
Surfing factor:  🏄🏄🏄 (3 of  3)
"Saving the world" factor: (0 of  3)

Detailed notes:
I just got back from Sumbawa. Here how to plan a surf trip to this amazing corner, and some reasons why you might to go there:

A) Reasons to go on a surf trip to West Sumbawa.
1 stunning and empty beaches just for you
2 the local people and other travelers
3 the relax- and disconnect factor
Other: cheap, snorkeling, hiking up some mountains or to waterfalls and beaches, local food, seafood, nice climate, undeveloped and nature & monkeys. And, the surfing...

B) The surfing
World class waves like Scar Reef, Super Sucks, Yo-Yos, etc.
Empty waves
3 main zones: bay of Scar Reef, Super Sucks ay and Yo-Yos/Tropicals
Room for exploring
Intermediate waves, eg. Phantoms or downtowns and little biging
All spots are reef, nice mix of lefts and rights
Warm water temperature of about 27-28 degrees C
Beautiful scenery
Surfing hours are limited because of tides
Season: most of the year wind, se, dry April to September with most swell
My favorite: beach of Scar Reef at the village Jelenga, a left called Little Binging, and Phantoms/Downtowns. Very quiet and relaxing, setting, nice people

C) What special stuff to bring?
Limited supply, bring your stuff
Rashguard and 1-2mm vest
Strong sun protection
Malaria protection optional and mosquito protection
Strong and new leash
Google maps offline in your phone
Sim card insertable mobile
Reef cut stuff

D How to get there?
Some flight options to Sumbawa Sumbawa Besar or Lombok Selaparang Int. Airport
Then own transport or taxi
Rent a scooter in Bali or Lombok or car
Route Bali to Padang Bai, 5 hour ferry to Lembar for 70 EUR with car
Or too avoid traffic and hassle, rental car in Lombok for less than 30 eur/day
Then to the east side in Lombok in about 3 hour

E ) Other random info
2 nice places to stay in Jelenga:
Alam Dita or Harrys Homestay
And Santai Beach Bungalows at Yo-Yos
Refill your plastic water bottles
Say "No" to plastic bags

E) "High" and "low" lights
1 long way to get there
3 poor infrastructure and medical options
3 limited beer (=Bintang) supply

1 Jelenga time: relax
2 great surfing
3 nice local people

Alam Dita - Scar Reef accommodation:

Listen to the interview here:

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