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Surf & Help is a non-profit organization combining the fun of surfing with supporting social and environmental causes. We run events, surf camps and educational activities that partner, visit and support carefully selected non-profit projects. The profits of these activities are used to support these social and environmental causes. 


The Search Senegal


Searching for waves in Senegal and supporting a good cause at the same time. Dates SUN 8th of FEB - SUN 15th of FEB 2015.

Surf & Help is getting ready for the inauguration trip of 'The Search' in Senegal at the west coast of Africa. Going on a surf trip in the search for waves you have never seen nor surfed before is one of surfings' biggest source of joy. And doing so in an exotic and off-the-beaten-track environment makes it even more exciting. Thus 'The Search' adventures can't get missed and we are looking forward to our first edition in Senegal.

For this trip we ordered 2 water filters of the type 'Renegade' by Waves4Water which can produce over 8 million liters of clean water. The cost of these filters were 126 USD (103 EUR) and any donation towards this is of course very helpful for us.

See our W4W mission here.

The Help Factor

  • All trips at Surf & Help are supporting one specific good cause and during this trip we brining along 2 water filters of Waves for Water which can provide 8 million liters of clean water.
  • We will also look for local non-profit projects we can partner with in the future.
  • Running our surf trips in a sustainable manner is top priority with all our travel, so we do everything we can to partner with local providers, community supporting guest houses, other charities etc.
  • We will also run a beach clean-up during the trip.


  • SUN 8th of FEB - SUN 15th of FEB 2015


  • We start the trip staying at a surf camp in the easy to access Almadies Peninsula. From there we plan to spend several days in the north and/or south of the peninsula (depending on surf conditions) to search for surf.
  • How to get to Senegal? You have plenty of flights available to Dakar-Léopold Sédar Senghor Airport. If you have any doubts about how to get, just contact us.
  • Preperation: online purchase of visa for Senegal at a cost of 50 EUR, it is recomended to bring a 2 or 3mm wetsuit, we recommend health insurance that covers stays outside of our home country.
  • For bookings or questions: use our contact form, email to flo(at), or call at +34 645921506